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Delikat Aesthetic Syringe

Made & Designed
in Ontario
100% Vegan
Produced in a GMP
Certified Facility

Common Questions

Feel free to reach out via info@farsk.health for further questions.
Who is behind Farsk Health?
Our experienced team of pharmacists, chemists, naturopaths, doctors and nurses.
Where are Farsk Health products made?
In a facility with pharmacists and chemists in Ontario, Canada. Our lab is one of a very select few Drug Preparation Premises (DPP), and operates according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Are Farsk Health products vegan?
We use only vegan-friendly ingredients and never test our final products on animals or ask anyone to test on our behalf.
Are Farsk Health products safe?
Safety, convenience, and efficiency have been the paramount criteria leading the development of our products. This is evidenced in the materials we use and the facilities where we manufacture our products. For our IV drips particularly, we only use ingredients indicated for intravenous use with DIN and never repurpose powders.

Customers have good things to say.

“One of the best IV Drips I’ve ever had! After a recommendation, my friend suggested I decided to try it....”
“I’m always looking for ways to supplement my health, and IV drips did just that. I felt much more energized and my skin glowing. Can’t wait to continue it”
“Absolutely awesome experience! I felt refreshed and renewed after. Would recommend 100 percent. I am already looking forward to my next treatment. This is the perfect pick me up :)”
“I had been feeling very tired lately and this treatment gave me so much energy and I’m feeling very hydrated.”
Bella R, London
Average rating of 4.75/5 on Trustpilot