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Färsk Health Canada is a pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical producer and provider.

Our innovative products bring alternative and unique solutions to improve the wellbeing of the health-conscious.

We have developed our lines of products with top grade ingredients and fabricated them in a facility with pharmacists and chemists in Ontario, Canada. Our lab is one of a very select few Drug Preparation Premises (DPP), and operates according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Made & Designed
in Ontario
100% Vegan
Produced in a GMP
Certified Facility
IV Drips
We follow an exclusive process to make our IV solutions, which makes it novel in the market as well as safer and more convenient for medical practitioners and customers alike.

Our IV Drip treatments are pre-compounded, ready-to-use, sterile, stable, pH balanced, isotonic, and only made with premium Health Canada approved ingredients with indication for intravenous use.
Our new topical creams are exclusive Rx formulas made with premium ingredients that bring real results. They have been tested by our doctors and nurses in their own clinics and can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with others.
As with the rest of our products, they are made locally in Ontario, with only vegan ingredients and never tested on animals.
The Färsk medical research and development team created a line of oral supplements tailored to top health concerns: immune system, sleep, beauty and weight loss.

Every supplement is loaded with active natural extracts, vitamins and minerals to complement daily healthy habits.
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